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Originally Posted by Djay View Post
i know there should be a big border at the bottom of the screen, whilst playing Turrican... but i can't WinUAE's display to do it... its stretched to 4:3 full screen
Filter panel has aspect ratio settings. Only current betas support autoscale aspect ratio correction (If you use autoscale option)

back in workbench, the some of the vertical lines on things like the windows, drawers and text are kind of double lines, if i move the window it will drop in and out of double lines...
Normal scaling artifacts. Set Filter panel scaling mode to no scaling if you want 1:1 pixel mapping.

If you want to use chipset mode + scaling: make sure you don't use 800x600 or some other small PC resolution. Scaling always looks better if target resolution is as large as possible. Select 1920x1080 (if you have fast enough GPU) and adjust filter panel options to fill the screen as you want.

Amiga native modes always need scaling if you want screen without borders.

RTG mode with matching LCD nominal resolution would look the best.
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