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Originally Posted by SquawkBox View Post
Never heard of ASMR before, also not too sure that video illustrates quite well what it is supposed to deal with. If I am not mistaken, it would involve feeling all cozy and warm inside, like when poked and rubbed at some massage parlor while listening to trippy music, right ? Or, on a more intimate level, some form of Tantric sinking into some beloved persons arms for relaxing purposes ? Well, come to think of it, there is that song from the Chemical Brothers that might induce that very effect, minus the actual poking and rubbing. Me being more of a midnight talker, you will have to look for someone else for that . Incidentally, said song was used for a TV ad involving Air France, the famous French airplane operator :

[ Show youtube player ]

Might remind some observers of that cultural phenomenon called catharsis, although not quite. Also, a few people are overly sensitive to some specific noises like when someone chews sweets next to you at the pictures. Such thematic area is way beyond the scope of that thread I guess, but it might explain why ASMR is popular on YT (to relieve the symptoms of Misophonia, wild guess here of course).
O.K. where to start? The video I posted is showing memes about ASMR.

ASMR is a tingly feeling that starts in the back of your head then travels down the spine and spreads out and it's the most relaxing feeling you can think of. It's elicited by certain triggers. Those can be visual (flashlight triggers) or accoustical (crinkles, tapping) or just situational (personal attention).
Everyone has his own set of triggers that apply to him. Some are not triggered at all and don't understand all that.

The emotional reaction to music is different and there is also a word for it that I have forgotten, it's something like "frizzon".

But the Youtube channel mentioned in the beginning of the memes video (Pewdiepie) is not an ASMR channel. It's just a very successful Youtube channel and I don't know why, that's what I said.

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