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Anyone build pthread for Amiga Unix

Wondering if anyone has done this - certainly would save time as I wouldn't have to reinvent the wheel. Otherwise...

I got a copy of the FSU Phreads source, but having problems filling in the blanks. I modified the Makefile as best I could - but there are still some other things that need modification - things that I am unsure of:

One item is what the values for MINFRAME and WINDOWSIZE should be. Under the SVr4 tag, WINDOWSIZE is set to be the same as MINFRAME. Running pagesize from the command line I get a pagesize of 2048. Wonder is this is one and the same.

Guessing by setting MINFRAME to 2048, I tried to build again. The next problem is the build can't find asynch.h. Is there such a thing to be had for SVr4? Or is asyncio.sys the same, just different calls? Would this be necessary for this build? Looking at the precompile directives, some builds don't include asynch.h. So I defined my way around it to continue building... then I ran into something that has stopped me. There is a structure that needs to be defined. In a file signal.h, there is the following:

* This defines the implementation-dependent context structure provided
* as the third parameter to user handlers installed by sigaction().
* It should be a copy of the first part of the BSD sigcontext structure.
* The second half should not be accessed since it is only present if
* a _sigtramp instance is present right below the user handler on the
* thread's stack. For SVR4, we will have to build this structure from scratch.

There is then a structure for Solaris... and then

#ifdef SVR4_NP

struct context_t {
This needs to be defined !

#else /* !SVR4_NP */

Anyone have any ideas?


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