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Old timer. Started off with my beloved C64 around 1984 (I think). Got it from a camera shop in Watford called SRS. It was partly a game shop at that time in the late 80s early 90s.
After looking for some C64 games my eye caught a demo running on something that looked like a large C64C. That demo was Shadow of the Beast and the machine was the A500.
Once I saw it I knew I HAD to have that computer and THAT game! So I brought it straight away. £35 from WHSmith; collectors edition with t shirt. God knows how many time I read the manual and the back of the box to that game.
Few months later I even got to play it on a fiends Amiga. The flights of fantasy pack, along with Rainbow islands, planet of the robot monsters and F29 Retaliator. Happy days.

In the meantime I was on a massive saving quest! I was a poor kid and my mum scrimped and saved for my second hand C64 for a Christmas present. I was going to buy a brand new amiga myself and at the time it was £399. A huge amount of money for me (then and now

Got my first job when I was 14 years old working at a fish mongers/butchers place cleaning up all sorts of horrid stuff and generally getting abuse from all the adults around me in order to earn my massive £20 a week.

Took me a year to save up for the Screen Gems pack. I felt quite proud of myself when I got it home and set it up for the first time. A great pack that I still have a lot of fondness for.
Shadow of the Beast II blew me away and me and my sister loved playing Nightbreed the Interactive movie. The other games, Back to the Future II and Days of thunder. The less said about them the better.

I sort of drifted away from the amiga after owning the CD32. Even though I liked the machine it was obvisous commodore had lost the plot and they simply couldn't compete with the competition. Owned the Snes, Neo Geo and megadrive but never the playstation and beyond. 3D stuff never did it for me.

After a break I got into PC gaming in the early to mid 2000s with HL2 etc all the way until about a few years back. Then modern PC and Console gaming started to bore me to tears. I then decided to get all my old gear back.

Today im the proud owner of 2 C64 breadbins, 3 C64cs, 2 Amiga 500s (incl the screen gems pack) an A600HD and my fully kitted out A1200 all connected to a large CRT and aluminium brushed amp for that true retro feeling. Missed them and Im glad to have them back

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