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Turrican comparison...

Super Turrican 1 on the SNES was a real Turrican game as it used the exact same character sprite of Turrican from Turrican 3 & Mega Turrican.

You could say it was Turrican 4 or a prequel of Turrican, as it mixed elements from all previous games & added new enemy sprites & levels.

But Super Turrican 2 on the SNES was a completely new game. Different Turrican Character spite, new enemies, game-play & level lay out.

Turrican 2 on the AMIGA is my favorite.

I love the 360 degrees rotating weapon. I don't understand why they removed it after Turrican 2. (Even though the Turrican 1 rotating laser looked more sinister )

Its Ironic that Mega Turrican had better graphics than the A500 version; I remember AMIGA fans bashing the Mega Drives graphic capabilities.

I still don't know how they managed the multi coloured background of level1-Turrican 2, with only 32colours. AMIGA wonderful machineā€¦.

Turrican 2 PC by Sunsoft is probably the best version of Turrican on any system.
Plays & sounds as good as the Amiga version & has 256colours. What can beat that?
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