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Originally Posted by killergorilla
Any chance you could do a very quick list of the best emus for MD/Snes/N64/MS and maybe a few more? There a BBC micro emulator for it? That would be cool if there was, I haven't played a BBC game in years!
MD = NeoGenesis ported by Xport from Gens
MS = SMSPlusX ported by Xport from SMSPlus
Snes = xSnes9x ported by Lantus from Snes9x
N64 = Surreal64 ported by Lantus and oDD from Project64, 1964 and UltraHLE

I think there is a BBC emu but I may have dreamt it.

And not strictly an emulator`s but special mention must go to ScummVMx and ExultX (ULTIMA 7!?!?!?!??! , erm sorry but I love that game)
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