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Gotek floppy emulator and A1200 Floppy Mod

Hi All

Now update My Amiga 1200

A1200, v3.1 Rom Microbotics M1230XA 40Mhz, 32Ram, No FPU, 4Gb CF Card, 24x CDrom, GBS-8200, Gotek USB Floppy Emulator.

Now done the mod, Gotek floppy emulator and A1200 Floppy drive

now running together at same time on a switch show in picture as you can see it ALL work

twist PC Floppy lead

You need to untwist the lead for the Amiga to work

Now you need to fine pin 10 as show in picture and then wire up the switch illustrated

Now adding Gotek floppy emulator board to you a1200 ( This is where I put mine, But you could put it anywhere else )

This is where I Put the switch for Gotek and A1200 floppy

Now Back together now ready to TEST

Now test Gotek drive

Load game and it work fine

Now test Amiga floppy drive

As you can see in picture it working

Now WB is load up as you can see in picture I have 3 Icons showing unreadable DF1, DF2, DF3 ( Dos anyone know how I can get rid of these I think it's to do with the Gotek drive ) Before I did the mod, Gotek drive only show DF0 as unreadable ANY help is appreciated

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