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Originally Posted by mousehouse View Post
OK, quick followup to this GURU weirdness.

I spent the Saturday disassembling the machine and replacing the parts one by one. Swapped the WarpEngine 4040 for the A3640 (recapped etc.), moved the SCSI2SD to my trusted A2091, then swapped the complete motherboard for my spare A4000D motherboard (yes, I have one, recapped and all).

No change!

The only thing left (besides PSU and floppy) was the SCSI2SD. No... would it, really?

I decided to wipe it clean. Connected it to my machine, launched the SCSI2SD tool and killed all IDs on it. Recreated them with different sizes (512MB for ID1 and 2GB for ID1). Connected to the Amiga again, ran HDToolbox, read the disk parameters and reinstalled.

No crashes anymore

Tried the different 040 libraries, including Thomas' version - works brilliantly. Swapped the A3640 for the WarpEngine, all fine. Runs super fast, no weird crashes... I still expect to see the GURU at startup but it boots straight into my plain 3.1 install...


I'm not a disk expert but maybe the RDB on the disk contained some form of filesystem version that made the machine crash? I'm happy now because I spent a weekend but got my A4000D back to a usable state!
Interesting. I've also seen GURU's like this with drives that I've constantly updated or changed things in the RDB. Mostly it would happen in compact flash cards, but sometimes also in hard drives. A few times I have put them in Windows computers to totally format them to clear it. Glad you got it sorted out!
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