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Originally Posted by mancity View Post
Hi mate,

I am wanting a trapdoor RAM expansion of 4MB. I have a CF which I need to work and as I am using workbench 3.1, it cannot be more than 4MB with some accelerator cards as they disable the PCMCIA slot.

Do you know whether your 8MB RAM card disables the PCMCIA slot or whether it has a switch on it to reduce to 4MB (which I believe some do)?


Yes it can disable the memory down to 4mb. Ive had to do that in the past when using a pcmcia network card and one of those pcmcia compact flash adaptors.

EDIT: Will send a pm soon. Just doing all the usual family routine stuff, I have two teenagers who need a kick up the bum to get their stuff ready for school in the morning.

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