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Re: Bootblock virus?

Originally posted by 7-Zark-7
Oh great, I've been trying out the various Hole-in-one disk's & you tell me that. It hasn't shown up anything on the PC side of things with Norton's Anti-virus.
I'm only running it as an ADF "floppy" file. Will I have to reinstall WinUAE, or wipe out the ADF's files I've used since running that disk in WinUAE?
The PC will never recognize an Amiga virus. It's harmless in emulation, for the most part. The disk should never be booted anyhow, since it's a data disk. If you had booted the disk (which is doubtful) and booted another disk afterwards (without a cold reboot), then it would probably just copy itself to the bootblock of the next (write enabled) disk you inserted. As long as the disk isn't booted, there's no problem. Not really sure what this virus does, though.
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