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OK, here is what I could dig up in the short time before I have to go to work at the gravel pits: in my 'old days' files dir, I found a data disk for Amy Putt that TOSEC didn't recognize. Going to up it to the Zone after I post this message, but I'll explain a bit first.

The DMS file called it ExtraCourse1, for whatever that's worth. The disk contains two courses (sorta): first off, there is a Tutorial drawer, which is a Tutorial course. I glanced at the first screen of it and I guess it probably goes over geometric angles and all that stuff. Could this be the ABC's disk referred to in the previous message? See attached pic. The second folder is Extra-Course, which is just extra course.

I tried this disk out with:
AmyPutt (1988)(Starbyte Software)[cr Trilogy]
since the extra course disk is a data disk and not bootable. So I booted the game, then quit to WB. I then tried to open the courses by clicking on them. I had a hunch this would not work since the above mentioned disk was labeled:
copy of AmyPutt © 1988 CJCarte
Of course, the data files look for the proper disk name, which is:
AmyPutt © 1988 CJCarter
so after renaming the disk, it worked fine. So I am to understand Trilogy released this game after making a copy of it from Workbench?!? Sheesh...
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