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Originally Posted by Disney Rob View Post
Still no good. I know this works as it was working before the computer crashed. I am using mGalaxy, and with mGalaxy the only option I have it WINUAE so I need to get this working.
Here is how it is set up from the top.
Paths System Roms F:/Emulators/Amiga/Kickstarter
Quickstart Emulated hardware
Model A500
Configuration 1.3 Rom , OCS 512 KB Chip
Host configuration Default Configuration
Start in Quickstart Mode (checked)
Search mGalaxy.uae
Name mGalaxy.uae
Description use default configuration
CPU 68000
Approximate A500/A1200
24 Bit addressing (checked)
MMU None
FPU None
Cycle exact Full (Checked)
Advanced Chipset
Compatible Settings (Checked)
KS Rom v 1.3 (A500, A1000, A2000)
Chip 512
It would be better if you posted the .uae file instead. I would like to look

at it ... and others here would be interested I'm sure as well. It personally
helps me out more if I can load up the configuration in WinUAE to see

where the problem lies
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