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Using ADFView I was able to create an empty ADF and copy the contents of the TestCard LHA into it. After reading the instructions which came with TestCard it seems that you 'can' copy it to a bootable Workbench disk and it will auto boot into the program but you don't have to. It runs fine off the ADF from the Gotek/Flashfloppy.

The issue with the keys I mentioned before was 'patched up' by swapping the key stem from every large key with a 'bail' (metal wire/bar/hinge underneath). This A500 was brand new when I got it a few months ago, it had never been out of the box. The return large return key was not working at the time so I swapped it with F10. But F10 is used by the FF selector program so when swapping out the F10 plunger with a good one someone sent me I then found the left Shift and Space Bar were not working (and of course the Space bar is used by TestCard). Ohming out each plunger showed that every key with a bail had high resistance, which seems to come from contamination due to the grease used on the bail to keycap contact area. Off to find a parts A500 Mitsumi KB now...

Thaks everyone for your help.
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