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How to convert LHA to ADF?

I found a program that creates video test patterns. It comes as an LHA file, which I understand is a compressed folder, like a ZIP file. I need to convert/save to an ADF so I can run this on my A500 via a Goteck with Flash Floppy. I was able to extract the files from the LHA on my PC.

Someone on a Facebook group suggested ADF Opus but it seems it acts as a front end for Disk2FDI, at least when it comes to ADF creation from a set of files. Disk2FDI is not free and both it and ADF Opus have not been updated in years so I am hesitant to support a dead project.

I have also read that you can mount the LHA in WinUAE or Amiga Forever and create an ADF from that which seems a rather cumbersome route.

I'm new to Amiga but I'm surprised there are not more tools for easily creating ADFs since they seem to be so prevalent in use. Yes, I understand an ADF is a disk image.

So, if you have a group of files you want to create an ADF from how do you do so?

Thanks for any help.
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