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Originally Posted by turrican3 View Post
first, thank you galahad,
2nd, do you think it could be possible to use your engine to port games from others platforms than the atari st, i mean others 68k platforms ?
Like arcade 68k games or sharp x68000 ?? even if we should need more cpu power.
There is no game engine. Each game is different. Other than me being able to use the same screen conversion routine from game to game, thats the only similarity.

And unlike the ST, both systems you mention have custom hardware in much the same way as the Amiga does, so routines would have to convert Sharp blitter calls and change them to blitter or cpu calls the Amiga understands.

ST conversions are relatively easy dependant on how they are written, because the ST has no proper hardware other than the sound chip and the chip that to get stuff to the screen.

After looking at Starquake in more depth, this will be a bit more difficult as it has lots of TRAP calls in the game that I now need to interpret to get the game to run.
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