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Originally Posted by Marlon_ View Post
Have you updated the SAGA driver?

Yes I did update SAGA drivers and added NOROMUPDATE for setpatch (before first reboot after the flash). I do not use BB2 rom update as I read somewhere that it's not needed really with Vampire...?

However, and this is the damnest thing I've ever encountered, after couple of reboots ALL the symptoms went away even though I re-enabled original user-startup. No HDMI problems, no crashes, nothing. Rock solid. I cannot explain what has happened. Flash instructions file said that power off Amiga after flash at least for 10 seconds. I did power off it for 30 seconds just to be sure. Still, I cannot think anything else than that 30 seconds was not enough and something remained in some RAM, old Kickstart, some FPGA related magic or something...

Well, anyways, rock solid now and feaking amazing job Apollo Team, thanks!
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