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Originally Posted by Cauterize View Post
Aside from that, amazing stuff. Keep up the good work and thanks for making my gaming sessions much more enjoyable!
Many thanx Cauterize. Turran has answered you faster than me.

Originally Posted by clownstyle View Post
Agreed. I had tried to turn the music off all together on the game select screen but that does not work!

Just checked this point one minute ago and it's perfectly working here. If you have already installed the last 0.83b release, use the ResetXset cli command to update yours prefs files. You can now switch on/off the music in the menu, the launcher or the setup if you want to do so

Originally Posted by Cauterize View Post
And last but not least, any chance we could choose our own MOD to use as the background music to your menu system?
Yes it's already in the sooooo loooong todo list

Originally Posted by hansel75 View Post
I wonder if it's possible to rename your own mods to the same names as the mods that come with XB, then overwrite the originals with you own mods!

I presume the mods would have to be in the same format as the originals, i will try this soon and report back!
Technically it can work yes. I'll see how this can be simplified in a future release.
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