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Originally Posted by Cauterize View Post
Firstly, I don't really use my Amiga A1200 for anything other than gaming. Is there anything I can do to my Amiga's setup to make it automatically load X-bEnCh upon booting up? (I am currently using ClassicWB if that changes anything?)
Yepp. from the guide:
  You can also add Xbench to your startup-sequence. To do so, replace
  the line c:loadwb by this two lines:

     cd yourhardrive:yourxbenchpath
     execute xbench.exe

  Then when you start your Amiga X-bEnCh will load automaticaly on
  startup but, if you press the "DEL" key when loading, X-bEnCh'll
  not start. Your workbench will be started instead.
Or you can add it to the "hold right mouse button during startup" in classicWB:

Originally Posted by Cauterize View Post
Secondly, my only gripe with X-bEnCh is that upon choosing a game from the list, it then half fades to black with the WHDLoad dialogue box not showing. Is this the correct behaviour? The reason I ask is that occasionally I'm unsure as to which key is used to quit out of a WHDLoad game and I'd love to see the dialogue before playing to be aware.
Post 77 + 78 in this thread. Jim is thinking about it =)
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