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Ok. I'm gonna do the numbered list thing... I finished the demo.

1) The handling and response for the player ship is good.
2) The player ship may be a touch too big or the bullet spreads need adjusting? It's sometimes too difficult to fit between bullets.
3) If it's an aga game the graphics could be smoother with more colours.
4) More varied backgrounds graphics in the final version please- it offsets repetition.
5) Would you consider redesigning the player ship somewhat?
6) More spit and polish please. The sprites look a little rough around the edges.
7) Bullets appearing from off-screen can be annoying- mostly it's the long twirling snake-like enemies.

It's very shmupy which is a good thing. Can the game be nearly finished already? From the demo it appears that there's lot's left to do?
I hope you will take this as constructive criticism- Did you do the graphics yourself richard or did someone help? A slight re-working and adding of details and effects would go a long ways imo.

Anyhow I'll be buying it upon release.
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