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Originally Posted by Lockon View Post
So, something called A520 is, in fact, an adapter including 68000 clocked at 14 or even 21MHz, accompanied with KS1.3 autobooting IDE and clockport, but no onboard kickflash capability. For 030 power upgrade, there's a provision for ACA1230.

Correct ?
How many WHDLOAD games can work with plain 68000 which lack VBR support ?
It was supposed to have a 68000 DIL socket next to the 68020, now it has a 68000 CPU and a 68020 CPU on board. I'm sure Jens is sane, so the 68000 will run at the normal 7-ish MHz.

Or what did you mean?

WHDLoad is no fun on an A500, due to quite a few games you wouldn't think whose slaves require >512k chipmem, and the quit thing, and keyboard interrupt (or whatever) gurus. A500+ removes one of those obstacles, a CPU with MMU is really what most WHDLoad slaves are made for, else you have to use WHDLoad for the subset of games that don't guru/complain on 'lesser' Amigas. So even with 68020 WHDLoad won't be perfect, I think. But of course Jens can't make a more niched product because some slaves don't properly support all Amigas...

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