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Updated the original post to include Crashdisk's Quartex/Galahad/Crest ADFs and Cobe's CD32 conversion.

@booboo thanks, I appreciate it

@markwright Excellent questions! Here's my explanation

- The "e" in "Arther" appears in the C64 wiki article ('n'Heavy), though admittedly other places, including a different part of that same article, use "u". This is what I get for relying on Wikis
- There's only one sprite so we can't implement both a male and female protagonist
- Screenshots of the game while it was still Giana II use the name "Giana" in the top left corner (
- Although it's difficult to tell what Giana was meant to look like due to the quality of the photo (I thought maybe she was meant to be wearing some kind of futuristic suit) it's still apparent she was meant to be a blonde.

I did actually do a sprite that was meant to resemble the title screen character, but I ended up going for the classic look instead (since the screenshots didn't look like the title character either)

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