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Giana II: Arther and Martha in Future World

The canon page for this project:

Hi all,

I've whipped up a basic hack of "Hard N Heavy" to reskin it as "Giana II: Arther and Martha in Future World" (the original title - more history at'n'Heavy#Trivia). There's some footage of the hack at [ Show youtube player ]

The hack can be downloaded from here - (It's a hack of the WHDLoad disk image, so you'll need the Hard N Heavy WHDLoad slave to play it).

I know I'm a terrible artist so I'm definitely keen for better replacement artwork if anyone wants to offer any!

Edit: Crashdisk did two ADF images (both based on the Quartex Crack and Galahad's AGA Fix, one with Crest's trainer), they can be downloaded here: '...1;h Earok].zip '...+11 Crest].zip

Also Cobe made a CD32 ISO that bundles this hack with Giana I, as well as a cover and CD print for the game.

Title Screen: (edit: Thanks to Steve for some title screen tweaks)

Player Sprite:

"Giana" status bar text

"Maria" status bar text

Demo static status bar

Player selection screen icon

Player selection screen icon mask

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