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Originally Posted by mcb View Post
- Run Amiga Forever
- Select Check for Updates from the Help menu
- Let it update WinUAE
CyberDruid, cosmicfrog - thank you for your suggestions.

mcb - guess what? Not only did the update you mention the other day come a lot faster than I expected, but it solved the issue altogether! Here's why the A3000 setup I've been showing in this thread looks like now, after having installed the WinUAE 2.5.0 update (using Amiga Forever 2012's update manager):

Not bad, huh? Not only does Amiga Forever scale the Workbench screen right in 1920x1080 px resolution, but it also centers the Amiga screen really nice along the X- and Y-axis of my laptop display (almost, anyone - the screenshot shows the Workbench screen is shifted somewhat to the right, but I suppose that there's a techincal explanation to that involving the Amiga hardware and not Amiga Forever itself).

It looks like I'm all set for Christmas, no matter if the coming holidays will involve venturing in Ultima IV-engine or venturing in the AmigaOS API:s. mcb, thank you for all of your help - everything definitely worked a lot more smoothly with your assistance!
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