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I am running SAS/C in an emulated A-3000 so I feel close to your effort

The reason why I asked to try with the latest WinUAE.exe 2.5 is that quite a few issues have been fixed in the past weeks. We are going to push the update in a few days, after the dust settles a little bit and we are sure there are no last-minute issues. So for now you have to copy the .exe by hand.

If you right-click the system entry and select Edit, then go to the Configuration tab, does it show Top: 88 and Height: 512 under Screen Clip? These are the default values for the vertical offset, and I show them working fine.

Nice to hear you too have a passion for SAS/C (which really should be be available to download for free by now, to encourage people to pick up C development in a Amiga-friendly manner).

As far as manually updating WinUAE, I do see your points and the potential benefits from doing so. However, I very much doubt I have to explain all the hassle this would involve. After all, it's not like Windows offers the luxury of just extracting an LhA-archive to the RAM-disk and copy the executable in question to the hard disk. If I can go the "official" and coming upgrade path offered by Cloanto, it would make be a happier camper .

Regarding your question about the Screen Clip dimensions, this is what they look like:

I'd like to emphasize that I haven't changed or altered the default Amiga Forever 2012 R3-settings in any way. That being said, is there a work-around for my version of WinUAE, or should I just be patient and see whether or not the coming WinUAE-update will resolve everything?
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