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Question [SOLVED] Amiga Forever 2012 R3 scales pixels weird - how do I adjust it?

Hi everyone.

Well, I guess the topic says it all. Just having installed Amiga Forever 2012R3, I'm having issues with the resolution. When I start either one of the pre-configured Amiga environments, Amiga Forever opens a 800x600 px resolution Windows display and scales the Amiga screen in a really weird way. Here's what it looks like (the screenshot is clickable):

As the screenshot shows, the screen isn't properly scaled resulting in distorted/non-square pixels.

Now, I've tried to fiddle around with the (few) display options available in the Amiga Forever 2012 R3 to no avail. It doesn't really matter whether or not I choose "Use hardware fullscreen modes" or untick it and play around with the different "Scaling" options. I do get the best result using "Integer" scaling (which makes the pixels square), however "Integer" scaling makes part of the Amiga screen vanish.

Any solutions to this problem? Is it possible to somehow tell the underlaying WinUAE engine to use other fullscreen options? Any suggestions are much appreciated.

For the record, I'm on an Windows 7 (x86)-based ASUS G55V laptop with Nvidia GTX 660M-graphics, if that is of interest.

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