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if memory serves, i sometimes get this problem if i make the swich from winuae, after (maybe still) pressing the activate cartridge button?

i hope Toni will not get too defensive about me saying this, but i find the whole experience with winuae and ar-iii quite buggy. i get of lot of lock ups with breakpoints that dont happen on a real a500. resetting can often be quite bizarre too, throwing up corrupted (but still write-overable) graphics on the ar-iii screen... possibly this is just with games with anti-reset protection (cybernoid, NZS) - but maybe others too.

i also have trouble getting it to recognise 'switched off extra memory' - something i do a bit on my a500, where the 512k ram expansion is switched off for the main system using the F3 options page of AR-III, but its still present for the cartridge. Not only does it allow for easy deep trainering, but also means that any save-states saved in AR-III should be small enough to fit on a disk. (however, the bug causes the 'save will be greater than 1024k' text to incorrectly appear.)

still - the fact is its very useful when i dont have access to my a500, or when i dont own the original disks. best not complain too much hey
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