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Originally Posted by kolla View Post
Been testing out on my CD32/TF328 setup, with some mixed results, using a CF card and scsi.device 46.0 It is a little unclear to me - should one use pfsformat at all? Or just AmigaOS format quick, and then use setfnsize and setdeldir to set those options? I tried using pfsformat quick, but then pfsdoctor often finds errors after copying data back to the partition and rebooting. It seems better with OS3.9 format, but I am not confident Also, quite a few times, formatting a device still leaves the content there, as if not formatted.

Well, as I mentioned, this is CD32 with TF328, and with scsi.device 46,0 ( which _seems_ to be the only scsi.device working with multiple partitions on my setup (but that may just be an illusion of course). With scsi.device 43, the system goes into a repeated reboot cycle upon boot when I have more partitions defined
I don't really care when using drivers or hardware that may or may not have other issues..

pfsformat or format, no difference (just don't select full format).

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