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Help Wanted: Convert LMMS tracks for Amiga game port

I'm looking for a volunteer to convert/rewrite a few LMMS music tracks into a mod format suitable for Blitz Basic (Soundtracker/Noisetracker I think). The tracks are simple so should translate OK, I'm just not familiar with tracker software at all.

This is for an Amiga port of a game I released recently for PC (iOS & Android coming soon). I'm not working on the port myself, just trying to manage it! The Amiga version should be ready for (TBC) a high-score competition for the Amiga Ireland 2020 meetup in Athlone, then released generally shortly afterwards.

There's a WIP video of the Amiga port here:

The best I can offer by way of payment is a free copy of the game on the platform of your choice (win/mac/linux/ios/android) and a credit on the Amiga version.

So if anyone is feeling generous with their time, let me know
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