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That's great information thank you.
I think I will continue as I am until I have a full set of assets, and await the release of your updated software.

From the outset of this project I have kept the palette to 32 colours so no problem there. , the sprites i wanted to use were 32px wide roughly, is this too big for A500 use? 16px limit for A500?

Thanks for the info on character frames, Is it possible to add an extra custom set of anim frames? (like a death anim for example).
One more thing about palette, I'm assuming one of the 32 colours is for transparency?

The colour cycling sounds good, Can different palettes be used at all, I know you said same palette for fg+bg, but could i for example have 32 colours, 1234 different in each palette, and 5-32 the same across all palettes?

One last thing about ram usage, how much by itself will grac use without any assets?

Thanks again so much for your time.
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