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Happy Some responses

Laundromat, you wrote:
‘No affiliation exists between me and countries or people east of Europe, but I was just wondering why you called that strange’
What I felt strange is that in the later years of Amiga all mayor softwarecompanies (EA, Sierra, Ocean) left the scene and the market was taken over by programmingteams from Eastern Europe (which produced far superior state-of-the-art software). Looks like they discovered the Amiga in its later years.

Frederic & Akira,
Have you ever played a crack of Aquaventura? Back in 1992 I wanted to copy this game but some people said it was uncrackable. I have never seen a copy of it since.

That is a very interesting story to read. Looks like a (former) graphics artist of Alien Breed 3D II has some connection with the company where you work. Keep us posted.
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