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Originally Posted by Fred the Fop View Post
Keep your mouth shut, you shemale
I saw this thread on Atari Forums (I am boycotting EAB
for a number of reasons, especially the anti Atari tack lately),
and it bothers me Atari St still gets no respect!
Thisgoes for you too, Cyber Druid

To be fair though the ST was fairly ghastly compared to the Amiga.It did however have an absolute charm all of itself and a bit like say the Spectrum.I loved my time spent gaming on ST and of course you still can't play Oids or Super Sprint( I actually prefer the ST version over Arcade) on Amiga

Wouldn't trade in my ST memories for anything as they were treasured times indeed.I did however trade my ST in for an Amiga at around the time Starglider2 came out - it was too painfully jealous a time not too have one at this point as the Amiga was fairly incredible when compared.Regularly i would visit a friend and he would show me the latest stuff on Amiga, but it when i saw Sodan that i absolutely had to have one

And when i say i traded it in, i mean sold it to go towards an Amiga as my dad made the money difference - i still thank him for this.Special day that was when i finally got the A500

Of course if you didn't have an Amiga, ST still provided some great games and a ton of fun.You could never go back though if you owned the A500.

I very much doubt we will ever again be wowed as much as when the Amiga entered our lives, it's a tough act to follow
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