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Originally Posted by ajk View Post
Recording a video of that is not easy either because then those will not be synced. You will almost certainly have the monitor update the picture while the camcorder is recording the frame, which leads to blended images. Check for example the Lotus II section [ Show youtube player ] which I recorded a while back, if you keep pausing the video a few times you can clearly see "ghost" trees or whatever whizzing by.
Ok what about Fraps recording with steady 50fps playback? (if provided raw and not via YouTube). With playback in 50Hz desktop (lol) using suitable player software (VLC works nicely), you get to experince the same thing i am - except with added compression artifacts depending on video compression settings. But even then you need the damn 50Hz desktop to experience is smoothly. It always comes down to that. No way to escape that fact

But even with those ghost-effects you mentioned, surely a 50i video material if provided raw via Dropbox and not via YouTube crap, can still show the smooth scrolling?
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