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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
The audio filter on the A500 is not permanent. Sounds like you need to replace the electrolytics in your audio section.

You are right in saying the Amiga doesn't look the best on an LCD/Plasma. But surely you're using an LCD monitor on your PC? Either way, I'd strongly recommend using a CRT TV if you have one.

Emulators will never be able to reproduce the incredibly smooth scrolling of the Commodore machines. That to me is the main reason why the real thing will always be better.
My 14" CRT against my 42" / 24" LCDs? No thanks I have a fast PC (i7 920 @ 3.4GHz). With its help i can get virtually the same smooth scrolling that a real Amiga has, as long as i use 50Hz desktop. The only thing worse is the effect every LCD brings to the picture: ghosting due to slow pixel response times (vs. CRT).

My information on the RC filter was based on UADE documentation. Direct quote:

"The Amiga output circuitry contains a fixed low-pass filter on most models, and a dynamic lowpass filter connected to the power LED (known as the "LED filter"), which can be toggled on and off. On the Amiga 1000, which was the first Amiga computer, the LED filter was permanently enabled. In the succeeding models, such as the Amiga 500, the LED filter was made optional, but another, permanent RC filter circuit was added on the audio output. Finally, for Amiga 1200, the static filter was removed altogether, and only the LED filter remains. ...

...The Amiga 500 output path was found to contain a 6 dB/oct lowpass RC filter circuit with cutoff at 5000 Hz. (Some early Amiga 500 revisions may have had 4500 Hz tuning for this filter.) The LED filter was found to be a 12 dB/oct Butterworth lowpass filter with cutoff value at approximately 3300 Hz.

My original statement about video and audio superiority in emulation was admittedly a bit provocative. I was basically comparing my own A500 experience to my WinUAE experience. In my case WinUAE wins hands down.

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