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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
Funny as it may be, there is no way in hell i can get my A500 to sound as good or look as good as what i get from WinUAE. I only have RF modulation on my Amiga Amiga RGBtoSCART would improve a bit sure, but i'd still get PAL graphics scaled to LCD native resolution at best (?), so there goes sharpness. The other option would be displaying the image without scaling, but who wants to look at post stamp-sized image on a 42" 1080p screen? (i'm not entirely sure if my TV even has such option - prob not). Flicker fixer? Don't know much about those and whether they would help or not.

Black Crypt in 1920x1200
A screenshot from a fullscreen WinUAE output. You have to save the image and watch it in 1920x1200 resolution display to get the best effect. Could my A500 do that?

Sound? What possibly could one do to improve A500's sucky sound fidelity? A1200 seemed to have it far better, based on what i hear in SOAMC real recordings. It didn't have that horrid permanent RC filter circuit anymore, which explains the greatly improved higher frequencies.

Real A500 vs. WinUAE sound
The difference in clarity is just massive (high frequencies are totally butchered in a real A500). Of course if you like music that sounds like it comes from under a stack of pillows or something, then the real sound is for you

But it think it all comes down to one thing: i'm not a purist. Therefore i @WinUAE.

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