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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
There are two kinds of HDF files: the traditional HDF is a large floppy disk and a HDF in RDB mode is a real harddrive which contains a RDB and possbily more than one partition.

Just click on "RDB mode" in WinUAE to get the latter one. Then you can initialise and partition it with HDToolbox.

You can also make a big file with the letters RDSK in the first four bytes, then WinUAE will automatically switch into RDB mode.

If you do the same with DRKS in the first four bytes you'll get a byte-swapped image as it appears with some Amiga IDE controllers.

For your program be aware that the RDB does not need to be in the very first sector of the harddrive but it can be located in any of the first 16 sectors.
I just want to thank you again! Using WinUAE, I built a 128meg HD image wih two partitions (8meg Workbench, 119 meg Work), it has a proper RDB so I can now add support for real Amiga hard drives!
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