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Let's start from the basics: why do you need to open a new CLI to show a text file? Is it because you want it in a new window that you do "newcli" first?

If you do "run type readme.txt" that in itself will open a new CLI process, but on the same window.

I just remembered newcli has a FROM parameter, so you can open a window from a script.

This is what I would do:

Then make a second script like this with the stuff you want to pop up in a new window:
type Readme.txt
Then in your original script/sequence you do
newcli from script
Replace "script" with whatever name you used to save the script.

Keep in mind while this new CLI is open, whatever you have in the original script will keep running. So maybe this isn't exactly what you need (hard to tell without knowing what you want to do)

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