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Originally Posted by MartinW View Post
I like to use FS-UAE on my MacBook Pro and Win-UAE on my PC to develop a bit and test stuff out before going to my real Amigas.

So in an ideal world I'd just run everything as fast as possible on the MBP just like I do on the gaming PC but the sad fact is that laptops are rubbish when it comes to CPU intensive stuff and MBP's are particularly bad. If I let FS-UAE go at full speed then the heat ramps up, the fans start screaming and ultimately the battery drains (if I'm on battery).

I can get round this quite nicely by setting:

'uae_cpu_speed = real'
'uae_cpu_multiplier = 0'
'uae_cpu_frequency = 100'

But 100Mhz, while real, is then a bit sluggish for emulation.

Is there a 'sweet spot' combination of settings where I can still limit things and keep things cool / quiet yet still run at a reasonable speed? According to the source cpu_frequency tops out at 100. Benchmarks tell me that when 'free-running' the emulated frequency is running at some ridiculous rate (if the benchmark is accurate) so I'm guessing 500 would probably still be very cool and quiet!

[EDIT] Never mind - unless I'm wrong, I think using the multiplier instead of directly setting the frequency should allow me to go higher and higher until I find the point where the laptop starts getting stressed out. Obviously up to the maximum of 256 x 3.546895 or just over 900Mhz which ought to be enough for any Amiga!
Would you mind posting all the relevant settings you finally settled on, I'd like to do the same on my MacBook.

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