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Originally Posted by tin View Post
Jens and/or Chris, could you elaborate on this problem? I've just had a frustrating entire day of accelerator/motherboard/ROM/PSU/HD swapping all over the place and general Amiga destruction, and it's left me a little unclear about my next move.

I have both a 1D1 and a 1D4 that are both exhibiting severe graphic corruption and hang very soon after boot when fitted with ACA1230/28. (The 1D4 also sometimes claims it has 65 meg of RAM and not enough memory at the same time ). Firstly is this the kind of problem experienced by others?

I read the above post, and so to test, I have hacked together a setup with a 1A motherboard and this appears stable so far. The unfortunate thing is the keyboard side of this motherboard is screwed, and the video streaking fix has not been done so I will need to do more work on either my 1D1 or 1D4 (preferred) or the 1A (hopefully not) to get a proper working 1200 with acceleration. Hence the request for advice before proceeding (and also hence on EAB and not a support request. I think probably the accel is OK)

My 1D1 has the E123C/R and E125C/R all fitted. However I am given to understand from the internet at large, that 1D1 doesn't generally suffer from timing issues (for example, Eyetech declared it their preferred motherboard for testing).

The 1D4 has all 4 removed. However, I am given to understand that removing them is supposed to solve the problem! Or is it a bit more "grey" than that?

In addition both machines work fine with a Blizzard 1230 IV (one each). These have been swapped all over the place today during testing with no issues shown. Furthermore the 1D1 Amiga is a proper workhorse, and has been running literally for weeks and months at a time with the Blizzard in place, with no perceptible issues. I guess, that the Blizzard, faithful workhorse though it is, is perhaps not as hardcore when it comes to timing as the ACA? Or should I reasonably expect a machine that can operate for weeks on a Blizzard to work with ACA no problems?

Therefore you can see hopefully how I am a little confused at exactly what may be going on in Amiga-motherboard-timing-land, and what is the best method to proceed. If you could explain a little and advise I would be grateful, and perhaps would some others on here.

<edit> Haha, maybe spoke too soon. Further use of the 1A has resulted in some crashing, but in a more conventional kind of way. I'll check it out a bit more.
Thats proberly your problem,
Your supposed to remove E123C, E125C.

With the other board, you have all four removed? its only supposed to be two removed.
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