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Originally Posted by Nobby_UK View Post
Not before you know which button does what !
It seems to know more than you say .

Not to mention the in game help (see thumbnail), the manual only mention one fire button :
  PLAYING THE GAME: The aim of the game is simple. You are a blob who must
  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  fight for your life in an arena against other blobs. To
  kill the other blobs you must jump onto their eyes and squash them. Upto
  three blobs may fight in the arena at once. The game allows for two
  players on joysticks and one player on keys. The controls are simple:
  left and right move you left and right and fire makes you jump. If you
  hold down fire you can jump higher than if you tap it. When you die, the
  number of lives you have decreases. When your lives reach zero you are
  out of the game. The game continues until only one blob is left in the
  arena. After you die, if you have lives remaining, you are teleported back
  into the arena to continue fighting. You will be invincible for a short
So, would you mind enlighten us ?
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