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Question A question about the audio buffer and stuttering audio

I've recently been having some problems with the audio output of WinUAE. During some games and applications, audio sometimes starts to produce audible 'clicks'/'stutters' (difficult to describe really).

The first time I noticed it was when I ran PowerGlove, which had perfect audio on my real A500, but had the problem I described above. I tried running it on a variety of different configurations and eventually found that using an A500 type config, disabling cycle exact mode and disabling the 'more compatible' flag on the processor tab seemed to help - though even then I still needed an audio buffer size of 9 for it to be stable.

I noticed it again during development when I started adding audio, sometimes the audio would seemingly underrun the buffer. The situation does seem to improve if I select WSAPI instead of DirectSound but it still occasionally happens. I've even run LatencyMon, which claims my system should be fine for 'real time audio'.

Main difference since I started noticing this problem was that I upgraded WinUAE from a rather old version (3.2 I think) to the most recent one at the time (4.1).

I'm a bit puzzled by this problem as I have a fairly fast CPU (Intel i7 3770@3.4GHz) and a SoundblasterX AE-5 which never seems to have any problems. I'm not running WinUAE while also running a bunch of heavy applications and the task manager seems to suggest that overall system load and individual CPU cores are all well within limits.

However, I can't be certain what causes this - I can't rule out it's not WinUAE (which usually works really well). But just to try and rule that out: what settings should I try to get the best results for audio?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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