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OH i as read my post that a source of big confusion, and when i read your answer i realize this complete not what i want to explain
I am afraid of your reaction but i understand so SORRY for my bad post its my fault .....

pls if you can just read this and forgot the original post

1) I dont sell anything with copyright and i dont do this
3) For the sprite I made them BY MYSELF. their are completely different than the original.
4) My intention is just to make a tribute to SOBT if i am evil i am stupid evil to make reference in SOBT in the game ( its legal)....
5) at this time there are nothing under copyright in my game

The only thing i wanted finally its :

can you help me to find the owner for music FOR PAY HIM !!!!!!?

Why because its hard ... yes hard to find a musician who can reproduce the ambiance of SOBT
After some try PREFER to buy the right becasue music is the best part of SOBT and i think its possible to give people curiosity about SOTB.
Maybe its not clear......

thanks for the site but I didnt understand why Chris Abbot is the legal owner, i understood with a specialsit of game industriy that the music is a property of editor (but i send a mail to we will see
And i contact a avocat (a french one with no mistake ) of international copyrigth for video game who can help me to find the owner maybe SONY CE ... a french one with no mistake

If you can forgive this mistake maybe you can give me advice to find the legal owner

Thank in advance and sorry for the confusion
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