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Your attitude leaves a lot to be desired. Would you like someone taking your work and selling it without you getting any money off it, or not even being notified?? Because that is exactly what you are doing.

NO, you CAN'T use that music for your project, commercial or not, without the permission of its original composer.
Not that or any other Amiga MOD file you find around. You NEED permission/agreement with the composer. SPECIALLY if the project is commercial!! you will have to at least PAY to him for use of the music. Just because you managed to download the MOD file for free doesn't mean you are free to use them whichever way you want. All those tunes are fully copyrighted and all rights retained by the composers.

SAME WITH THE GRAPHICS. You can't go out and take people's work, bundle it together and release it, specially NOT commercially!!!!!!!! What is wrong with you?

David Whittaker might be represented by Chris Abbot of Try getting a hold of him through there. But suffice to say, you are doing things extremely wrong and it's quite offensive to those who created the work you are basically ripping off.

This is what ticks me off the most:
Originally Posted by egos View Post
The idea its i love shadow of the beast (like a lot of people) and you can be sure that if i can remix the music by myself i do it but the code+debug + sprites take me 5 month of big job
Yeah of course, doing things on your own is hard, but that is most of the point of doing things. Stealing is not a solution. 5 months?! Do you have any idea how long it took to make these games most times? Lot more than that. And if you need help, you can collaborate with graphic artists/musicians. But no, you decided to rip off someone else's hard work. Yeah, because it's easier. We understand!
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