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I found it! I originally got the download link via a usenet posting where someone did a review of Poing back in 1999. The review contained a link to a web page next to Paul van der Valk's name:

I am pretty sure that was Mr. Valk's webpage, because he posted a devblog for Poing there, too.

Wayback Machine still has the Poing page as it was back in 1999:

On that page, Poing 7.14, is the latest version among all other versions. The following changelog is listed for 7.14:

(17-oct-1998) Poing 7.14.
- Added a level selection screen.

- Editor: added automatic comment to rules. Specifics should appear in the
dev guide one day.

- Added a sound to the "collect item event" (i.e. the G10 levelset).

- The default font has been changed to the classical thin font. This can
still be overwritten by levelsets ofcourse.

- Fixed a date bug: Juli was spelled as "NUL" instead of "JUL".

- Some other small issues.

Then there was a download link to, but Wayback Machine didn't archive the file. So that's where I got it from back in 1999. Puh this took some effort researching usenet from 21 years ago

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