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I also found a mention of Poing 7.14 here:

Not sure how „official“ that article is but it does mention the v7.14 release date as October 17 1998.

The edit comment is from 2008 by the person who uploaded 7.00 to Aminet, and it says „ * Legacy */ The last version is not 6! On Aminet you can find 7.00 (Which I uploaded myself) and also I have version 7.14 on my computer which will be uploaded on Aminet sooner or later!“

Note that Poing 6 is the last version uploaded to Aminet by Paul van der Valk himself and is from early 1998. Version 7.00 was uploaded by a third person called Maurice Zarzycki, the same person who mentions 7.14 in the Wikipedia article. Version 7.00 is from middle 1998, so it makes sense that 7.14 is from October 1998, a few months later.

I think it all makes sense. It would be cool to be able to ask Paul can der Valk if he ever released 7.14 himself.

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