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I wonder if this is an official version from Paul Van Der Valk or a custom level hack, which was a common practice back in the day.

The readme from 7.00 says:

poing readme
13 april 2002

This archive contains the latest public poing version (v7.00) and
a number of levelsets. The reason for this archive is that I still
get requests for it every now and then.

The levelsets are partially made by 3rd parties. They should be
credited for it, but I lost the original archives. Sorry.

Official support for poing is dead, but it's still a fine game
to test yer latest amiga emulator every now and then :-).
I'm leaning towards 7.14 being unofficial however he does state "latest public poing version" so maybe he continued development privately and that's what 7.14 is.
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