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I remember this old thread which talks about the repaired disk 2: Lemmings (ADF) sound problems

Thing is, I've never exeperienced any sound issues with the Skid Row disk 2 that I use. Other experienced / long term EAB members have also said:

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
I had the version by Skid Row and it did not have this problem.
@StealthDwarf; you know that I've tested "Taxing - Level 18" using the disk set I suggested and no issues...

Originally Posted by Gaula92 View Post
A basic game, very well known.
I am trying to play it in WinUAE 1.5.3, and I've tried three different releases, but they all have music problems in the music of the second level (FUN - "only floaters can survive this").
I've now just tested "Fun - Level 2" and again no issues...

Anyway, glad this is working for you

I hope you're now using a correct A500 configuration though?

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