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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
I did say DirectDraw is unsupported

Try using D3D mode, then select native resolution (non-native ones may not work as you expect, unless you used display driver control panel to create them), then use filter options to scale it to fullscreen. Trying to match Amiga internal resolution to PC monitor resolution is bad idea with modern displays. Monitor internal scaling usually sucks.

Start also with as basic as possible setup = A500 config.

Quick setup:

- D3D11 (or D3D9)
- Fullscreen. Select your display native resolution, 50Hz.
- Set filter panel scaling multipliers to get fullscreen image (you don't need to care if it isn't perfect fit, it isn't perfect in real world either, set aspect also to automatic, you probably don't have 4:3 display..)

If scrolling etc.. looks ok, enable lagless vsync and check again.
What you need to select 50 HZ with beamraced option? I can only select 60 hz...!
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