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Originally Posted by Telegattone View Post
API: directdraw: it doesn't have a good image quality but it's the best i could do for scrolling, and even that, it's not perfect (i'm using all terrain racing to test, and in the first stage if i look at the canyons they still have some small jammings).

@Toni Wilen: there is something more i can do? i'm using a 1060 graphic card to a tv/monitor in hdmi.
I don't support DirectDraw and it will be removed sooner or later. It is horribly obsolete today.

winuelog.txt and config required.

Originally Posted by Octopus66 View Post
Finally got around to testing this properly. Seems I only get the issue when not using Cycle-exact and using lagless vsync. But Direct Sound does not give me the audio pops and clicks. I am testing using Zool crack. Any ideas?

Intel i5 Skylake 6500
16Gb RAM
NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030
Onboard sound (realtek)
winuaelog.txt is missing. Which realtek exactly? Onboard realteaks seem to have issues. Make sure you have new (generic) realtek driver from realtek directly, sound drivers from mainboard manufacturers are usually too old, especially if MB is out of support.

Do you have anything like USB headphones or something like that you can use to compare sound?

Also test with something very simple, for example some simple slideshow with music. Less random variables.
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