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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Monitor: G-Sync or FreeSync (and compatible GPU, note that NVidia does support FreeSync via DP "G-Sync compatible") monitor is a must. Smooth scrolling even in windowed mode, in both PAL and NTSC (or any refresh rate that monitor supports), instant 100% glitch-free PAL/NTSC mode switches. Variable refresh rate range should be at least 40Hz to 120Hz. (Some crappy FreeSync models don't even support 50Hz!)

Now that's interesting. Could consider that when the time to change monitor will come.

I've benn struggling sometimes to find the right configuration to have smooth scrolling and, for now, i ended up with these settings:

API: directdraw: it doesn't have a good image quality but it's the best i could do for scrolling, and even that, it's not perfect (i'm using all terrain racing to test, and in the first stage if i look at the canyons they still have some small jammings).
i have a real A1200 with a 1084s to compare and the difference is remarcable.

@Toni Wilen: there is something more i can do? i'm using a 1060 graphic card to a tv/monitor in hdmi.

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