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Any CPU since almost 10 years or so are fast enough (Intel only, AMD only since Ryzen). CPU should have big L2 cache and fast RAM. Emulators really want as much as possible memory bandwidth.

Sound: On board sound (at least high end realteks, if you can call any realtek "high end"..) usually works but I still prefer "real" sound cards.

GPU: low latency vsync depends on side-effect so there is no guarantee it works. At least NVidia and AMD seems to work. I wouldn't trust any Intel GPUs..

Monitor: G-Sync or FreeSync (and compatible GPU, note that NVidia does support FreeSync via DP "G-Sync compatible") monitor is a must. Smooth scrolling even in windowed mode, in both PAL and NTSC (or any refresh rate that monitor supports), instant 100% glitch-free PAL/NTSC mode switches. Variable refresh rate range should be at least 40Hz to 120Hz. (Some crappy FreeSync models don't even support 50Hz!)

My current setup: Ryzen 3900X (Updated when 3900X was released, got one almost on release day). 2x16G 3733 RAM. ASUS ROG STRIX X470-F Gaming. SB AE-5. 1080TI (waiting for 3080TI to be released..). Samsung LC49RG90 (Replacing previous more "normal" size G-Sync ultra-wide monitor)

It is more targeted to gaming (and lots of cores to improve compilation speeds, VMs etc) than emulation.. For example Amiga emulation does not need fast GPU unless you want to use very complex shader filters.
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